Saturday, June 18, 2011

Being Vulnerable

"Vulnerability means being willing to express personal needs, admitting one's limitations or failures, having a teachable spirit, and especially being reluctant to appear the expert, the answer person, the final voice of authority.
Not only are these traits refreshing---they're rare
If you're the type of woman who always has to come out right . . . if you're a man who has the need to be "perfect," then you will always be in the position of having something to prove. And others around you will have to do the same." (Chuck Swindoll)

I read this quote by Chuck Swindoll this morning and it confirmed the thought that had been going round in my head and heart for a while to do a blog entitled "Confessions of a Christian Housewife". As Christians we have a tendency to put on our best behaviour for Sunday morning and we are so good at it that we actually have the ability to make those around us really believe we have it ALL together. In this wonderful masquerade we in turn allow the enemy to heap loads of condemnation on others as they compare the reality of who they are with the illusion of who they believe us to be.  I know that I have done that with others myself. So now I begin this blog of vulnerability. The real me. The ugly, easily frustrated, prideful, arrogant, humbled, weak, beautiful, seeking, hurting, trusting, believing, hoping, doubting, surrendering me. Bare with me. This will be a rollercoaster ride of emotions, with more twists and turns ands ups and downs than the Georgia Cyclone. I hope that through the confessions of this christian housewife you might find that the only stability any of us have is the solid Rock of Jesus Christ.       

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