Thursday, October 27, 2011

Calgon Take Me Away

Do not let the calm and reasonable "Train Up A Child" posts fool you... this Christian housewife and momma is on edge.

It is Judgment Seat week and the tired has set in, along with a dull headache due to lack of sleep.

Nice left me about 10:30pm last night when I threw the semi-black duct tape across the basement that is used for our Hell scene because it would not cooperate.

So last night it was after midnight before I got into bed again... and then my stupid dog has me up at 2:30 in the morning. I thought that maybe, just maybe I would leave him in the hall for the night...

Oh yeh did I mention that my husband has been in Connecticut since Tuesday... (ugh... deep sigh....)

Usually when I am in the bedroom the dog lays down at the end of the hall by our door and he stays there. He follows me where ever I go... I think it must be because I am the one who usually feeds him... because he is not always the favorite on my list.

Anyway, at 2:30am he begins whining and snorting in the bulldog kind of way and so I get up and take him outside. So here I am out in the middle of my front yard in my pj's at 2:30 in the morning. The dog does his business and I call him back in and he just looks at me like, "what? you talking to me?" 

I go in the house to find the leash.
Can I find the leash at 2:30 in the morning?
Of course not!

Our dog doesn't have a collar on, because he stays in the house and the collar tears him up for some reason, he will scratch at it until he removes all his hair and makes sores. So no collar. The leash is a rope that is threaded and fits around his head... it's a vet leash.

Well I finally get him to come in the house and call him to his kennel for bed...  
Does he come?
Of course not!
He runs down the hall and parks it in his corner.
I think, well okay, maybe he really did just have to go and relieve himself and he will be quiet the rest of the night.

I finally crawl back in the bed.

Guess who starts whining again just about the time I am at that moment of drifting off into oblivion?
Up again.
This time I am going to put the dog up. I must sleep.

I call him to the kennel again.
Does he come?
Of course not!

So here I am with a death grip around the nape of my dog's neck dragging this 75 lb dog through the house to his kennel...
Oh he's going in!

Finally sleep.

Then morning comes... and I realize that sometime this week I lost every floor in my house and every table and counter top... they are no where to be found. All I can find is dirty dishes and paper and toys and I think there are at least 8 sets of shoes in the living room floor and the garbage can runneth over... all of them!

I hit the floor finding the floor, doing laundry, dishes...oh my I need my coffee!
Quiet time?
Nope didn't happen this morning.

And my morning attitude showed it...

I had to confess to my girls that their mom is on overload... with a short fuse today... tired... with a dull headache... a husband that's still out of town... a dog that is aggravating as all get out... a house that is a wreck... a Mary Kay order to divide with totals to tally... and it's bill day... the fact is I just need grace upon grace today...

And some BC Powders and more coffee probably wouldn't hurt.

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