Friday, December 30, 2011

Letting Go

So 2011 is coming to a close... as I shared in a another post, 2011 has been a blur, but what I do know is that my God had me wrapped up in His everlasting arms every single second of 2011.

I know that I have walked through much darkness... but my God never stopped speaking light into that darkness. His mercies have been new every morning.

In the blur of 2011 I have experienced a healing in my soul like I have never known before... I have grown in His grace and in the knowledge of Him. I don't know how He did it, I just know He did. I know at times it was so very painful... but He wouldn't let me let go... oh my He is so very good!

He made me a new creation and He makes me a new creation... as He continues to shed me of this flesh as I walk through each trial, each temptation, each test that He carefully and purposely sets before me... as I with childlike faith bury my head in his arms and walk forward trusting in His love... oh my He is so very good!

I shared in a Facebook status that I was wondering if something was wrong with me because I had no desire to make resolutions, goals, plans, etc for 2012... I have learned that all that I can do is trust in Him for each moment, each day. 

I am tired of worrying. I instead choose to cast burdens.
I am tired of stressing. I instead choose rest.
I am tired of doubting. I instead choose hope.
I am tired of fear. I instead choose love.
I am tired of jealousy. I instead choose to rejoice.
I am tired of selfish anger. I instead choose humility.
I am tired of bitterness. I instead choose forgiveness.
I am tired of ugly words. I instead choose to speak with grace.
I am tired of wringing my hands over things that are out of my hands. I instead choose to trust.
I am tired of holding on to accounts that are old and stinky and dingy and just need to hed to the shredder of forgiveness. I instead choose to remember only Him.
I am just plain old fed up with concentrating on me. I instead choose to fix my eyes on Christ.

I think I will just let everything stay in His hands in 2012 and I will stay buried and wrapped in His arms and walk when He says walk, stop when He says stop, turn when He says turn, look when He says look, speak when He says speak.  

Will I walk through more darkness?
Oh no doubt!
But I will keep holding on to Him... because I never walk through darkness alone.

If I have to walk though darkness to bring someone else to the Light... then through the darkness I will walk... Jesus walked in it for me. 

If I have to walk through the darkness to rid my new heart of its old ways... then I am ready and willing. I do not know what 2012 holds... but I know Who holds 2012... and He's the same One who holds me.

So 2012 has been handed over to my God and already laid at the foot of the cross of my Savior. Time is not mine. Life is not mine. I am simply a receiver and a beholder by the grace of Him to whom all things belong.

If I could play this song out loud from the heavens you would find me standing in my yard with my arms lifted high and my voice singing His praise as I spun in circles with uplifted hands and face, worshiping my God for all that He is! Singing up to the highest heaven my song of adoration and knowing that from the highest high He hears my song. My song of praise, thanking Him for making me a new creation, and thanking Him for reminding me that I am always a work in progress. Thanking Him for reminding me that though I continue to walk through the valley of the shadow of death here on this earth,.. yes I have no doubt that there will be days of darkness to come... but it is His Light in me, with me, and behind me that cast the shadow. I never walk alone! Oh how I dance for Him! 

All that I can do is give it back to You!
You've taken my old skin and made it new again!


  1. I agree, we need to hand the year over to Him. He already has a great plan. Beautiful post.

  2. Thank you Jenifer... may God's will be accomplished in your heart and life this coming year and for the years to come...