Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Pew Hopping with Papaw

Wow... yeh... another crazy night!

Let's see at one point I am in the Hartselle, Al Kroger parking lot with my husband and  run into one of my mentor's  as she's skipping church to eat at the Asian Buffet...She just waves and grins and says, I just felt like Chinese. My husband and I look at each other as we now deliberate between church or Chinese... I don't recall our answer because all of a sudden now I am shopping.

Yes I am shopping, but in my own clothes that are hanging in a store. All these clothes have been gifts by others, and there were too many to hold in my closet so I borrowed a mall's store rack room and then forgot they were there. Then as I am out to the mall shopping I see the clothes and I say "Oooooo I like these, think I'll look here." Then after poking through them for a while, it hits me, "hey these are all mine already!" Then would you believe I can't reach the top to get them off the hanger bar. It doesn't matter how big the chair is that I pull up, I can never reach it. The salesperson walks up and says "may I help you?' To which I reply, "No, I got it, thank you" And I continue to struggle on my own.
I am sure there is a very big point here in all this somewhere... 

The next thing I know I have to go to the bathroom. Some how a toilet or lack of toilet always shows up in my dreams... Well and then of course when I go to the bathroom and flush the toilet it begins to overflow. I watch in horror and yet at the same time thanking God it was only number one. Now all of a sudden that toilet is in the same room of the clothes I was shopping through... yes weird, and I am in another bathroom warning all the entering ladies not to use the toilet.

Now I walk out of the bathroom and see my husband and I realize he has been waiting at the dressing room the whole time while our little girls try on clothes, and he is ready to go, so we go...

And somehow now we are at my aunts home and out in the pasture playing on the hill and then my husband sees something and heads down and around the hill to which the kids chase after with a, "I wanna go too!" But He sends them back up and around the hill screaming as a big wolf comes running behind them.
I recall seeing the wolf and trying not to panic and then I try to appease the wolf and I am holding his paw in my hand and I remember feeling the wait of it, but at the same time fear is gripping my stomach as I try to stay calm for the sake of the children...

Then I turn and it's not just one wolf, it's bigfoot, it's the white thang (you probably have never heard of the "white thang" but let me tell you he is one scary white thang, just let my grandmother tell you), monsters are at this point everywhere.

Then out of nowhere comes my Papaw Harris who went home to be with the Lord over 15 years ago.  Yes here he comes marching down the hill after these monsters wearing his Liberty overalls and carrying a big stick. So Patrick and my Papaw go after the wolf and bigfoot and the white thang... oh me, right?

The next thing I know I am standing at the front of a church with a death grip around my Papaw Harris's waist hugging him as tight as I can with one arm and crying as I beg him not to waste anymore time chasing after those monsters, but to come with me. I have my other arm loaded down with clothes I think they might have been from my previous shopping excursion.

I remember holding on to him tight and saying, "Papaw, please, we aren't promised tomorrow!" To which he replies by unwrapping my arm from his waste and grabbing my hand tightly and bursting through the church doors with a shout and jumping on the back pew and then he pulls me along with him as he shouts and I grin from ear to ear and laugh with joy at and with my Papaw as we pew hop all the way to the altar. He then sets me down on the front row as he takes the stage and then I wake up... I think... or maybe I just can't recall anymore...

Once again I am sure there is a moral to this story. Some sort of deep intricate interpretation to these dreams. A Discovery Channel special in the making no doubt.
Yeh... right.
Let's just say I apparently am no Joseph... :-)

But to sum it all up in a quick nutshell...

None of us are promised tomorrow so don't be off chasing monsters when you could be pew hopping with your Papaw!

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