Saturday, July 9, 2011

Things I Love Saturdays

So I am sitting down for a coffee break after spending the afternoon doing a little housework. So what better time than this to blog for just a moment.

As I was looking through some of the blogs I am beginning to follow there was a link titled "Things I love Thursdays" You were to link up and share a thing you love.
(I don't believe I linked up right or even commented right so sorry to my fellow blogger for my not so great an attempt. I am still so very new to all this blog stuff... and it's Saturday not Thursday)  

I suppose my actual comment should have been under a "Things I love Saturdays" but I'll love this on Thursday as well :-)

So the thing I love this Saturday... the way my husband finds me sexy while in an old t-shirt and shorts with no make-up on and my hair all slicked back in a messy bun while I'm barefoot mopping the kitchen floor and smelling like Murphy's Oil.

I suppose if I was still in my feminist movement mentality I would be offended by the comment of my husband as he made known his attraction to me at that moment. However, today I am not offended, indeed it made me actually quite giddy. He even received an immediate kiss of promise. Yes, I do love this man!

I do believe that it's the little random moments like this that make a marriage work. They keep it alive and thriving and growing and just flat out fun :-)

So the confession from this Christian housewife today... Yes, I apparently like my husband to think dirty while I'm cleaning.

Ladies, do we not want our husbands to desire us? I know I do. I want him to think of me as passionately as Solomon thought of his beautiful bride in the Song of Solomon. I want to hear him say to me "O my dove, in the clefts of the rock, in the secret place of the steep pathway, let me see your form, let me hear your voice; for your voice is sweet and your form is lovely." (Song of Solomon 2:14)  I want to know that I have made his heart beat faster (Song 4:9).

What makes my husband mine is that I didn't have to do a thing to receive this comment. I was just being me. The beautiful maiden in the Song of Solomon was spotted by her love as she was out doing what she did... herding goats.
She didn't have to dress herself up to be noticed by him. And I didn't have to dress myself up and make my face and do my hair to perfection to be noticed today by my love... he just loves me. All of me, "But my dove, my perfect one, is unique:" (Song 6:9). He loves me from the inside out (even if it might have began from the outside in). He spotted me as I was out just doing what I do.

Not that I do not dress myself up for my husband, because I do. As a matter of fact it is one of my most favorite things to do. I love to look beautiful for him, as did Solomon's beautiful maiden, "How beautiful and how delightful you are, my love, with all your charms!" (Song 7:6) I want my husband to be proud to have me on his arm and I love to have him notice when I have put forth the effort to look my best for him.  

So husbands... if there are any still reading this... go whisper some Song of Solomon in your wife's heart this Saturday :-)

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