Monday, October 10, 2011

One Fine Day

Oh me... it's ball season again.

Two kids on two different teams... two new different schedules to add to an already crazy calendar.

This is life.

You know there are those days that flow wonderfully and I look back on those days and I think, if I could do this that day why can't I manage it everyday?

I should have known today would be "one fine day" when the strange dog started barking right outside our front door before daylight, which started our inside dog barking before daylight, which woke up our 7 yr old before daylight.

I put the 7 year old back to bed, let the inside dog out to run off the strange outside dog then brought the inside dog back in and locked the doors and tried to be still for my quiet time with God before... well... my "quiet time before the house wakes up" just wasn't going to happen on this fine day.   

Monday is co-op day. Love, love it! But it also means having me and my girls dressed and ready and packed and loaded down with whatever we need for the day and out the door by hopefully 8am. This usually is not that big of an issue, but today we added basketball season to our calendar.

Of course, my girls have to go and grow on us so we needed basketball shoes... and we needed a cop costume, because my Bekah had decided she must be a cop.

So after co-op set-up, co-op classes, and co-op break-down, we head out for shoes and costumes, finishing in just enough time to get to the first ball practice that ended at 6pm, then literally run out when it's over to get across town to another gym for the second ball practice that had started at 6pm.

Of course we get there and can't find the team... and why not? Well because this one's practice is tomorrow night... and now I clearly remember writing that on the calendar at home... oh well.  

Did I mention the husband left to go out of town this morning for the week as well...
Oh and yeh... it's hell week... again, ugh... so my temperament and patience... well lots of deep breaths today.

Yep, one fine day.

I think I might have managed to get through it without scarring my children too much with all the "pick a costume already!" and the "Look we'll leave without one, I really am not all that excited about spending money on a costume you are going to wear maybe one time anyway, it'll suit me just fine to walk out with nadda."    

I mean good grief have you seen these costumes??? Fish-net stocking fire women for an 8-10 yr old little girl??? Really? And the nurse? My goodness, I looked at my Shelby and said, "You can be a real fireman, but sorry not a fish-net stocking one and ummm as for the nurse, does Aunt Tracy wear that to work? Yeh, I didn't think so."

So we left with one cop and one dragon slaying dazzling ninja.  
Made it to one ball practice.
Made it late to the other, to find out we didn't have it all.

Then as I am still contemplating on whether to pout about my time mismanagement skills or just be glad I am going to get home an hour and half earlier than I expected, we had a momma deer and her spotted fawn step out of the woods into the road and stop right in front of our car. I had to come to a complete stop and my girls and I just watched this doe and her fawn and we all just giggled and smiled all the rest of the way home.

Yep, one fine day :-)

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