Friday, December 9, 2011

Breaks My Heart

This young lady has an absolutely amazing voice. My husband and I had just been discussing how strong of a little girl she appeared to be as we watched her. Yet her strength crumbled when she thinks she has lost her dream. The fact that she was eliminated is not what broke my heart. It's a competition. Only one can win. Elimination is a possibility with each of them.

What broke my heart were her personal comments to the audience.
Her plea to the people.
This: "thank you for giving me this because without you I am nothing"

Oh my that hits me like a brick in the pit of my stomach when it comes from an adult but those words out of a young girl... yes it breaks my heart. I just want to run up there and cup her face in my hand and look through her eyes into her very soul and tell her that she cannot put her identity and hope and worth in the hands of fickle man. She is something to God and without Christ she is nothing. I want to tell her, oh precious child put your hope in God, put your faith in Christ- not your talent, not the praise of the people, not the hands of four people called judges for a tv show. 

In one of email devos this morning I read this quote:

One definition of “faith” is: Forsaking All, I Trust Him.
When we lose our faith in Jesus, instead of clinging to
God we find ourselves grasping for the things of the
world. Life is reduced to merely the physical world. So
we miss out on opportunities to experience the vitality of
a living relationship with God, which comes only by faith
(Hebrews 11:6).
Poh Fang Chia

The last thing I ever want as a parent, is to point my children to defining their worth according to the praise of people. I don't want them to live for the next trophy, for the next award, for the next headline... just to be the best in the eyes of man and get something to stick on a shelf...

Yes I want my girls to have dreams, but I want there dreams to be in line with the will of God and His purpose for them, not their own personal ambition.

When tucking my Bekah in bed tonight she said, "Momma, I don't know if Jesus wants me to be a vet or a doctor."  She didn't know what JESUS wanted her to be. It wasn't a concern about who she wanted to be, but who HE wanted her to be.

Oh how I pray that truly that desire for His future, His plan, His way, is deeply ingrained in her heart so that she never stares into a camera and tells a sea of anonymous faces that she is nothing without them and their praise...

That no matter what this life brings in its ups and downs- and twists and turns- and highs and lows- and successes and failures- that she will know in the depth of her being that she is indeed nothing without Christ, but to Him- and in Him- and through Him- and with Him she is something, she is HIS and her life is for HIM and for HIS glory.

That is the desire of this mother's heart for all my girls!
That is the desire of this woman's heart for every child of God that I am able to have the opportunity to minister to in any way... let not this world define your identity or your worth.
Die to this world.
And live to Christ!

Oh how I hope against hope that this cry from little Rachel was a young child's slip of the tongue in an emotional and distraught state and what she truly meant to say was to thank God and give her praise and love to Christ for this opportunity and that without Him she was nothing...

Until then I lift her up before the throne of grace and pray that Christ would capture her heart before it is devoured and twisted and darkened by the savage wolves that desire to rape her of her talent and gift to simply build their own kingdoms and enlarge their own storehouses and fatten their own pockets and then leave her standing alone on a dark stage an empty shell of a woman with a void that she has realized that no amount of money, praise, fame, power, drug, drink, or boy can fill.

May she be caught up in the grace of God.


  1. I very much enjoyed this post, especially having a young girl of my own. It is so easy to get caught up in the "bling" of the world. I hope she never experiences the painful things that are out there. I know some of it is essential to growing up and also growing in God, but I must remain vigilant in pointing her to Him.

  2. yes, the world is real and so are its hurts and struggles, but if we bathe our daughters in the truth of the Word and cover them in His mercies and grace... and never ever forget that He loves them even more than we do... then hopefully when/if they stumble, fall, drift, it will not take long for them to come to their sences