Sunday, December 18, 2011

Ladies Only

FYI: the Ladies Only warning is for mine and my husband's young men of God that we claim as our own who sometimes check out my blog... just a little heads up for them that this is gonna be a major girl post and they should proceed with caution or not at all :-) 

Well I sit here at the computer at 3am debating on whether or not to go to the Emergency Room. There just is nothing like getting woken up to the need to pee a half a dozen times and then finally getting aggravated enough to turn the light on and discover that you are passing blood clots...

At first viewing, I thought, great! I have started my period again! Really? It's not even been  two weeks and I have never started in the middle of the night, never in my whole life do I recall that happening. Then as I get more woken up and wonder why in the world it is hurting so bad to pee, I realize that maybe I have not started my period.

After several toilet paper checks to confirm my suspicions I come to the computer to google blood clots in urine. And it says seek emergency care now... ugh.
Hello it's 3am!
And I have church in the morning and I teach a Precept class in the morning...
And I hate the ER...
Who wants to leave their warm house to sit in an ER where they are going to treat me like I am an inconvenience and just had nothing better to do than drive to the ER at 3am.

So I have sent my husband back to bed and told him I would be fine.
I deem to be woman and wait on urgent care to open.

I mean what if my toilet paper checks have been faulty and really it is just my period... we women get accused of that alot you know... like we are so stupid and have only experienced a menstrual cycle every month for the past how ever many years, that we can't tell which area the blood floweth from... geez louise!

Then what if it is something embarrassing...

Or you know I did fall off a stool not long ago and hurt myself pretty good. I broke a toe and my tailbone... and I have googled to learn that I could have hurt my kidneys as well...ugh.

Or what if it's nothing and I have already done all the hard work myself here in my bathroom at 3am and I pay an ER copay and doctor's bill for some stranger to pat me on the back and say, well Mrs Vaughn, your on the downside, take some tylenol or motrin for the fever, you'll be fine.

So I sit here now, with fever and chills, that I thought was just the result of being really cold... because I flat out get cold to the bone and can't get warm sometimes, but nope tonight it's a fever with chills. And debate on whether or not to suck it up and head to the ER or wait on Urgent Care to open, or suck it up and wait on Monday, so I can go see my regular doctor...

I reckon I shall let pain be my guide.

Right now, pain says, I can tough it out until urgent care opens. 
I might can even try to nap on the couch until the next "urge" hits...


  1. Oh girl, your post scared me! Praying health for you and if God guides you to see a doctor, I am praying you are open to that and go right away.

  2. Thank you for prayers... I am still on the couch... still dealing with issues, but I do have a doctor appointment at 9am in the morning... so just got to make it through the night :-)