Thursday, December 15, 2011

Life is Not a Production

Like a seamless performance, we want everyone to say their lines and
follow our directions—even God. We wrongfully equate redemption with
everything looking right (Isaiah 53:3). The beauty of Jesus’ birth, however,
shines brightly due to the greater beauty of His death (Ephesians 1:7).
There is no one scene that stands alone in our lives; rather, they all fit together
in the greater story of God’s redemptive work.
—Regina Franklin

Well today I had just a few main objectives to accomplish.

Quiet/Study time
School the girls
Paint the bathroom ceiling
Get some laundry washed and put up
Pay the bills
Get Bekah's clothes she can't/won't wear out of her room and boxed up for donations.
Go to my Mom-in-Laws for my birthday dinner

Simple right?

Everything was going grand until I went to check on the ceiling and see how it was drying.
What was happening... but that the ceiling was cracking as the paint was drying!
All efforts down the toilet!

Now all I want to do is grab a sledgehammer and demolish the entire bathroom, from ceiling to floor. Please, I asked my husband, let me take out the tub, the counter, the toilet, the ceiling and let's just start over from scratch!!! But alas he said, "No".

The sledgehammer would have been great, epic, fun. And I would have felt much better. For a little bit anyway. This is all following my own recent blog post about not allowing our emotions to control us... so I had to take a deep breath and pray. 

Well so, ummm no, life is not a production to be played out exactly as I had planned...
It's more like an off the cuff, night at the improv, or an evening of whose line is it anyway...
This life definitely is not mine that's for sure.

So we just take it and run with it.
And laugh.
Laughter is indeed a wonderful and beautiful gift from God.

And well I had much rather laugh about the ceiling cracking and falling... again... then be mad and pout and stomp... so as my husband has told me to "just relax"... I think I will.

Yes I am two hours behind schedule... but eh, who needs a shower anyway. That's what ball caps and body spray are for... 

So instead of sledgehammering the bathroom... I will relax, and not do it!

And somehow even this day that I deem as a wreck, God will work out for His glory... even if it was just to make you feel better about your day and get a laugh from whose line is it anyway :-)

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