Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Waiting Room Thoughts

I am sitting here in the surgery waiting room as my sister is back in surgery having the steel plate removed from her leg and as many screws from her knee that the doctor can safely remove. I spent a lot of time here a little over a year ago. On the way here I was listening to Way-FM and they were doing a listener call in to the question "What was the worst day of your life? How did God get you through it? Did good end up coming from it?"

As I answered the question to myself on this drive to the hospital... my mind went to this first trip that I made to this hospital to get to my sister. I have had more "worst days" that God has seen me through, but today my mind took me to this one.

This was the worst day because it was the first time that I was faced with asking God whether or not I could ask for a loved one's life to be spared. Every other time before, I just simply selfishly asked for the life to be spared... 

This is the car that my sister's life was spared from. This is the death that our God delivered her from. Every bone in her body was broken... except her skull. Her brain and all internal organs with the exception of her lungs were safe. Both her lungs were punctured. However the One who breathed life into her in the beginning continued to breathe life into her despite punctured lungs.

You can read her journey here:

If you have a loved one fighting a medical condition Caring Bridge is wonderful site to keep loved ones updated and it was a great strength to my sister to be able to read the prayers that were covering her during her trial.

What I know is that God sustained my sister during this trial and He sustained our entire family and yes He received glory from this worst day.  

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