Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Power Play

Today's challenge just might be the hardest yet...
It might be the most humbling, the most humiliating, the most harrying, but also the most helpful and most freeing... if you have the courage to face it.
Are you willing?
Are you ready?

Day Nine

We are fixing to dig deep ladies... so very deep. We are going to take a walk through our past and quite possibly our present.

Today your challenge is to some point and time between now and March 17th... I am not asking you to do this today because I know personally how hard this will be for some... so just some time between now and March 17th I want you to get physically alone with God. No one else around. No time limit. Just you and God and a sheet of paper... or a couple of sheets of paper. Get alone and undistracted and pray that God would lead you in this challenge.

The challenge I am issuing you is the same challenge that Shannon was given as she sought healing. I will share the challenge in a bit, first let us go back to the garden.

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