Monday, August 15, 2011

How Long, How Wide, How Deep, How High

I wrote this poem of praise after I studied through the book of Ephesians... praise Him with me :-)

Grant me O God, according to the riches of Your glory, to be strengthened in my inner man
Strengthen me with power, with the power of Your Spirit, so that in Your grace I might firmly stand
O my Savior, my glorious Christ, come dwell freely in my heart,
Come in and have Your way in every hidden part
Through faith You have Your entrance
And through faith
The love with which you captured me may be grounded and take root
O that I might know the wonders of Your love,
How long, how wide, how deep, how high
Are the riches of Your mercy and the kindness of Your will
O that I might understand the vastness of Your grace,
How long, how wide, how deep, how high,
And that with all Your fullness my Creator God my self You would fill
For I know there is no limit to the power that You hold
I cannot even fathom the glory of Your greatness that is of yet untold
You have given me Your Spirit,
How deep, how low He had to come
He resides, how long, within this decaying flesh
In order that I more like Christ might become
How could I not declare Your glory
How could I not sing loud Your praise
How could I not fall down in worship
How could I not be humbled by Your grace
My Jesus, I am Your prisoner, I am Your willing slave
Oh that I might walk in a manner worthy of all that you have gave,
How wide, Your arms outstretched in order me to save
You called me out of darkness and snatched me from the fire
I was dead in my trespasses, living according to my flesh,
Held in chains by the evil one, the power of the air
Yet You in Your rich mercy lavished me with grace
You made known to me the Gospel, the power of salvation to all who would believe
You called to me,
You saved me,
And now alive I am,
And now how high, I am seated in my Jesus, forever with Thee I'll be.

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