Monday, August 15, 2011

One True World Champion

This is the first poem I wrote as I was studying through the book of Isaiah. I wrote this one after I had studied through the first 25 chapters... hope you enjoy :-) 

Oh Father, You are in heaven and You are on the throne!
You are sovereign and all authority is Yours alone.
I submit to You.
I bow before You and acknowledge my allegiance to Your crown.
I bow down and pay homage and glorify Your name of renown.
You are holy in Your everything,
Righteousness surrounds You within and without.
Justice proceeds and truth is seen and it brings all men of the earth to their knees.
The rebellious hosts of heaven will glorify You at Your feet,
As they lay as a footstool in their ultimate defeat.
The kings of the earth who rose against Your name
Will cry out from Sheol and writhe in eternal shame.
For holy, holy, holy is the LORD GOD Almighty
Who was and is and is to come
The whole earth is filled with Your glory
For Yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory,
Forever and ever!
You lift up Your voice and the thunders call.
You speak but a whisper and the torrential waters fall.
You wave Your hand and the earth begins to quake,
Yet with gentleness beyond comprehension in my womb life You create.
My God You are awesome in might and in strength.
You are pure in Your thoughts and just in Your ways.
Wickedness You have endured with much patience for mercy’s sake.
In Your love You pour out grace upon grace that mankind might be saved.
We are Your vessels of mercy for in Your image we alone did You make.
You desire that none of us would perish but all to the name of Christ give praise!
Repent! Repent! Your messengers call.
Come out! Come out, from behind the world’s wall!
Come to the One who has given His all.
Come to Zion, receive hope and life at the cross.
Come! Come now, while the Light leads the way.
Come to the mountain that stands on grace.
Rebellion occurred in the heavens on high
And the enemy was thrown down and his anger did rise.
His desire is to destroy and divide in his hate.
For he knows at Sheol his final destiny awaits
Yet those who are going down rarely want to go alone
So he speaks lies out of his mouth and promises mankind a throne
Follow me he says and the things of this world I will lay at your feet.
I’ll give fame, land, and fortune, and at your name people will scream.
He’ll even dress himself up and appear as an angel of light
But what the mouth speaks…shhhh, pay attention, here truth one can find.
For out of the mouth the heart does speak and this no man or host of heaven can hide
There is only One who is worthy, only One who speaks and whose heart His lips do not contradict.
The LORD has spoken from the foundations of the earth,
The Lord God, the Holy One of Israel, the Male Child, to whom the woman has given birth
In the beginning was God and in the end will be God
He will stand as King and He will rule with a righteous rod.
The peace that life cries out for, that every soul longs for, is alone found in Him.
For He restores what was stolen and He heals us from all sin.
He opens our eyes to reveal what flesh cannot see.
Now in this state of enlightenment, He beckons, come to Me!
Run my dear friend, Run to His arms!
Run to your Champion for the veil has been torn.
The chasm that separated holiness from sin,
Has now been bridged by the love of our King.
His kingdom has been established and is growing in His name
One day this whole earth He will openly claim.
One day those that have chose upon His promised reign to wait
Will declare to all and point to our LORD and say See! Oh you see!
Behold our God who said He would save us! See behold His face!
Glory to God, glory to God, on You alone I wait.
And until that day my God I give You all my praise.

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