Sunday, August 14, 2011

Beatitudes For Every Woman

My family spent this weekend having a yard sale.
I do not like yard sales.
I like going to other people's yard sales, but not having my own. I always have this looming dread in the back of my head that I am going to waste all this time and energy packing and pricing and arranging and end up just sitting out in the hot Alabama sun for nothing.
Then I still have to do something with all the things that do not sale.
My husband tried to encourage me... to no avail.
So Thursday morning through Saturday afternoon we sat out in our driveway praying that someone would see our excess and make it their treasure.

While I was walking around the tables and re-arranging things, the way my mother-in-law showed me how to do to encourage the sales, the wind blew open one of the cookbooks that we had on a table.

I looked down on the table to close the cover and read God's recipe for salvation. So I thought hmmm maybe I'll flip through this one.

I never randomly flip through a cookbook. I had rather look and see what we have in the kitchen and then go to google and search a recipe for whatever item I have found. My husband is the one who looks to see what's in the cookbook and then goes to the store to search out the items for the recipe he has found.

This particular cookbook was from around 1987 and was put together by a Christian's women group in Tennessee, L.i.f.t., Ladies In Fellowship Together. I thought the acronym was quite good so I carried the cookbook with me to my shade chasing chair.

As I turned through the pages I came across a page titled Beatitudes For Homemakers. Before I share these "beatitudes" I think it's pretty important to point out that the term homemaker has been possibly misused a little. I say that because I believe that every wife, every mother- whether they are a "housewife", a "stay-at-home mom" or a "career woman" or a "working mom", are all still the home makers. So really this should just be Beatitudes For Every Woman.

Now before I typed all these out I considered conveniently leaving out the one's I'm not so good at... and well I just went ahead and put them all in... :-)

Beatitudes For Homemakers

Blessed is she whose daily tasks are a work of love; for her willing hands and happy heart transform duty into joyous service to all her family and God.

Blessed is she who opens the door to welcome both stranger and well-loved friend; for gracious hospitality is a test of brotherly love.

Blessed is she who mends stockings and toys and broken hearts; for her understanding is a balm to her husband and children.

Blessed is she who scours and scrubs; for well she knows that cleanliness is one expression of godliness.

Blessed is she whom children love; for the love of a child is of greater value than fortune or fame.

Blessed is she who sings at her work; for music lightens the heaviest load and brightens the dullest chore.

Blessed is she who dusts away doubt and fear and sweeps out the cobwebs of confusion; for her faith will triumph over all adversity.

Blessed is she who serves laughter and smiles with every meal; for her cheerfulness is an aid to mental and physical digestion.

Blessed is she who introduces Jesus Christ to her children; for godly sons and daughters shall be her reward.

Blessed is she who preserves the sacredness of the Christian home; for hers is a divine trust that crowns her with dignity.

"Who can find a virtuous woman?
For her price is far above rubies."
Proverbs 31:10


  1. You didn't happen to come across one for men did you? "Blessed is he who fixes the shed door that has been broken for about 5 years, (not that anyone's counting or anything) and does it while whistling and singing praises to God"........

  2. Lol, no not yet, but if I do I'll be sure to post it just for you :-)