Saturday, December 3, 2011

Do Dreams Die

Today I am up at 5am and about to jump in the shower and head to Birmingham AL with my Mom to attend the local author expo. I will be taking the last box of Devotions From Genesis that I have in my possession. It might be the last box ever...

The dream I had, the calling I thought I had received from God, was to write a devotional study through the Torah. Something that was manageable to anyone at any point in their walk with Christ, even someone who hadn't yet began that walk... to introduce Him to them from the beginning. My desire is for people to see that the life of Christ did not begin in that manger. My dream was that God would use this series of devotionals to do that in the lives of His people.

My dream has began to die... as I had dreamed that by now I would have sold enough copies of the first book to pay for the publishing of the one I have been approved to publish... but sits in My Documents waiting. 

I don't know if there is any more disappointing feeling than to realize that maybe you heard God wrong...

If I had not have had such an overwhelming assurity that this was His leading, His Spirit driving me, working in and through me...

Oh me the "I don't know's" of life can be so terribly frustrating.

Yet, today I am off to the expo.
I am looking forward to a wonderful day meeting other author's and hopefully selling a few books.

But most of all I am looking forward to a fun day with the woman who shared her love of books and reading with me and always told me how wonderful my writing was, even when it was written in crayon with backward letters and every attempted word misspelled :-)

The woman who will never let my dreams die because I will always be able to see them living in her eyes.

So whose dreams are living in your eyes?

I think of my own girls...
My husband...

Can they see their dreams living in my eyes?

Because sometimes dreams that appear to be dying are not dying at all... only changing in form... yet they remain the same dream :-)
Devotional Studies Through The Bible

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