Friday, January 27, 2012

There Is Hope

As Walter Brueggemann put it, “This family (and with it the whole family of Genesis 1–11) has played out its future and has nowhere else to go. Barrenness is the way of human history. It is an effective metaphor for
hopelessness. There is no foreseeable future. There is no human power to invent a future.”

Then, the story turns with these simple words: “The Lord . . . said . . .” (Gen 12:1). God spoke into the barrenness and chaos. It was as if He said, You’ve done your best, and this is where it has gotten you—now step aside.

Still early in the Genesis story, these words remind us of another time God spoke into darkness and chaos. Before God began to create, the “earth was formless and empty, and darkness covered the deep waters.” Into nothing, “God said . . . ” God spoke and light erupted, vegetation blossomed, humans appeared. This is still what happens whenever God speaks.

—Winn Collier

You know... I don't know where you are today. I don't know the barrenness of your heart or the possible chaos of your soul. I don't know if you are in a place where it seems that life is crumbling down all around you and you feel as though you are standing alone in the midst of all the broken pieces... but I do know that our Creator God can speak life and order and healing into whatever you are going through. I do know that He has not forsaken you, I do know that you are not alone... no matter how alone you feel.

Open up His Word and hear Him speak.

Stop trying to do it all on your own... you were never meant to.

God is there and I guarantee you that there is someone whose name is on your mind right now that you know would be there for you if they just knew what was going on. You may not have ever really spent a lot of time together. You may not have ever even talked to them. You may not know them at all, but have just seen them interact with others... but their name, their face, is before you now for a reason as you stand among the broken pieces.

Don't let pride or fear of rejection or condemnation keep you from seeking help. Don't keep hiding in the dark because our Creator said, let there be light!

A Night of Hope
So far away, so full of doubt
So lost inside, there's no way out
Within this prison I scream, I shout
But no one hears, no eyes look about
Can no one see me
Is everyone blind
My fear overwhelms me
I'm falling this time

I smile I do, I play the game
I try to be different, but nothing does change
I hate this I do, don't like how I feel
I want to be happy, I want to be sure
I want to be confident and secure
They tell me this, they tell me that
Follow ABC and all will be well with me

I've walked the line
I've jumped the hoops
But this time the tight rope is just to loose
My feet are slipping my knees to weak
My mind is reeling, into the darkness I sink
The darkness is safe, in it I hide
No one can see the thoughts of my mind
I hear the whispers, this voice so sleek
It tells me go on, in the darkness there's peace

But another voice I hear, it's distant and sweet
It whispers I love you, listen to me
It says in the darkness there is only dark
It says come to the Light, give me your heart
It says I see you, and hear you too
I know your thoughts and hear your screams
Come be still and know that it's Me
Know that I came to give you a hope
Know that I'm here, My love have I shown
Come this night and know that I'm here
Come this night know to Me you are dear

While in your tears lift up your eyes
Take them off the dark and put them on the Light
Keep them focused looking right at Me
Know that I AM is right here, you'll see
Trust in Me and in My love
Feel My arms around you embraced in a hug
Take a deep breath, breathe in My scent
Know for you My flesh was rent
I died for you that you might live
So lift up your head, for this hope to you I give

I wrote this May 7, 2009... in Him, in His Light, there is hope no matter how great the darkness, no matter how loud the chaos, no matter how barren the heart... in Him there is always Life no matter how deadened you may feel.


  1. I stumbled across this today and I needed it. I just wrote my own post about my crumbling faith and about how I believe (because of my past) that I'm unlovable to God.

    This was like a little fresh wind blowing into my soul. Thanks for posting this :)

  2. You are very welcome... never forget that God is focused on your present and your future... not your past. Forget what lies behind and press forward to what lies ahead (Phil 3:12-14)