Friday, January 27, 2012

Ministry and Motherhood are Messy

This is a post a wrote in 2010... but it remains a prayer and point of focus as I walk in 2012...

I began 2010 reading through the Proverbs. My prayer for 2010 was "Lord increase me in wisdom, Your wisdom." Little did I know how much I would need these proverbs as 2010 came rolling in. I thank my God for His Word.
As I studied I came to a particular proverb and out in the margin beside this proverb I have noted "serving the Lord and kids in the house" with a smiley face underneath my little note.

"Where no oxen are, the manger is clean,
but much revenue comes by the strength of the ox."
Proverbs 14:4

I am by birth, by nature, by DNA, a clean freak and a perfectionist. It was once said that you could eat off of my floors. I would have your cup cleaned and in the cabinet before you even finished setting it down from your last swallow.

Then came a baby...then came salvation in Christ...then came another baby...!
Needless to say things changed.
I realized I could have a perfectly clean house or I could have a life that imparted life to others. God says to choose life, so I chose life.

Our homes, our church, our ministries all relate to this verse.
Will we sacrifice a clean manger for the revenue of life...eternal life?

One thing I learned was that I could dust everyday and still when I got up the next morning the dust was back again. I could wash clothes all day and still the hamper would fill up again. I could mop and make my floors shine everyday, but still someone would walk on them and leave their prints behind.

Then I looked at my children and no matter what I did I couldn't make them infants again, I couldn't make the sunshine come back out so I could take them to the park now that the house was clean. I won't be able to make them little leagers again so that I can coach and teach them. I can't make those adoring, innocent eyes, so filled with love and trust, turn back to me after I have repeatedly told them I don't have the time for them.
Trust me I'm still learning to place my priorities, but I am getting better.
Does the house ever get clean?
Yes it does. But it is now in the balance.

In our churches...if we want a church that is full of life...guess what...kool-aid gets spilled on the carpet...the gym floor gets dirty...the paint on the wall gets nicked...but each spill, each nick, each mark was made from a life that was there and heard the message of Jesus Christ?
Isn't it worth it?

In our ministries...ministry is messy! We make our plans, but they don't always go according to schedule. People don't always respond the way we think they should. If we didn't minister to people then we could have a clean, well-organized manger...but what revenue would we have to show for our ministry?

So Mom's don't stress over the house. I mean keep the roaches away and make sure there's nothing growing on the dishes stuck under the bed and try to keep clean underwear for everyone...but I promise you the dust will be back in the morning!

Church instead of frowning at the nicks, stains, and dirt...pray salvation and the grace of God over the one who made the mark and pray that God will fill your walls with more souls to make more stains!

The's messy.
But God is in control, remember it's all about HIM.


  1. I am trying to see things from this perspective. Life sure changes once children enter the picture. Thanks for the reminder of what is truly important.

  2. It is still a battle with me. I have to constantly stop and remember what is priority. It is so easy to get off focus...