Saturday, January 28, 2012

Poem Inspired from Romans 1-5

Glory, Hallelujah, Praises to His Name

In Christ alone my hope's secure
No fear is found, my future is sure

Once a fool, believing a lie
Walking in ignorance, yet professing to be wise
Once a slave to my lust
And a deceitful heart I could not trust
Was once filled with filth and hid in the dark
Until I turned toward the Light and righteousness my God by faith did impart

I tried on my own to keep all the rules
On the outside played along I knew what was approved
My life adjusted to the crowd I was in
A different face, different character for family and friend
I knew what was right, knew what was true
I just couldn't get it, but could point a finger at you

Oh but of this struggle I grew weary and tired
And finally my God to Your Christ I did cry

My Jesus I had been told that You had died for me
Bore my sins on that cross atop of Calvary
Your blood had been poured out and a spear pierced Your side
But I heard the grave could not hold You and up You did rise

I was told that You were promised from long ago
And then I searched the Scriptures and I saw that it was so

From Adam to Noah to Job to Abraham
My Jesus You were promised the Savior of all man
From Isaac to Jacob to Judah to Moses spread the fame of Your name
My God Your kingdom would come and was promised forever to reign
Through David, Isaiah, Jeremiah, through all the prophets You spoke
You told us of the One that one day all eyes will behold

And at the right time, my Jesus, while helpless in our sin
You died for all the ungodly who seek to be free and desire to live
Through one man's disobedience all mankind did fall
Sin came, death reigned, and spread through the world, spread to all

Yet through One Man's obedience, One Man's righteous act
Sin was cleansed, death defeated, those who will believe no longer are under wrath
Before God justified by faith in His Christ
Grace obtained, and in my heart God's love poured in, His hope now I have

I rejoice in everything, whether good, whether bad
Knowing He is with me and all has passed through His hands
Saved from well-deserved wrath, once dead now alive
An enemy before, now in Christ reconciled

Glory, Hallelujah, praise to Your name
Glory, Hallelujah, thank You Jesus for the sacrifice made
Glory, Hallelujah, worthy are You the Lamb who was slain
Glory, Hallelujah, because of Christ my sin God forgave
Glory, Hallelujah, in Christ I am free, no longer am I sin's slave
Glory, Hallelujah, my Jesus You are King and in my life You shall reign
Glory, Hallelujah, all praises to Your name

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