Thursday, August 4, 2011

Singing Majesty

I had another crazy sleepless night, part due to some of the loudest crackling thunder I have heard in a while that seemed to last all night (and has as a matter fact rolled back in again) and the other part due to another crazy dreams nights.

Let's see last night I went to New York with our young singles class for a conference and  somehow got lost and Melanie (one of my students) found me and got me back with the group (what's funny is that this really happened at Passion in Atlanta one year, Leah thanks again for coming to my rescue!) and then the next thing I know we are in some foreign country repelling down ancient monuments into the depths of the earth and then I am swimming away from ocean crocodiles... and that's just some it. It seems that every time I woke up to a crackling thunder once I dozed back off I was swept off into a whole new night time adventure. Which could be fun except you wake up feeling as though you never actually went to sleep.

So I crawl out of bed and head to the kitchen to make my beckoning pot of joe and look out my back door to check on my sacred morning spot. Yes, as I feared. The chair is gone, the table is sideways, and all is soaking wet from the blowing rain storm that swept through our breezeway. So I chase down the chair and set everything back up straight and head back into the house for the fresh hot coffee.

These mornings remind me that my time is this spot is precious. I can't handle the cold... so once winter hits I have to leave this spot and am back in the house.
The thing about being in the house is all the distractions.
When I go out to my sacred spot it's just me and God as I sit before Him face to face with His Word. When I look up I see only the horizon and living on a mountain I often see His still breeze rustling the tops of the trees.
In the house I look up and see dishes that need washed, dining room table that needs unearthed, coffee table that needs wiped down, because yes we commit the unpardonable family sin of eating in the living room in front of the tv... gasp!
And then there is the jealous dog that won't stop trying to jump in my lap and if I leave in the kennel he just whines worse than any of my kids ever have... distractions.
So my sacred spot, is sacred to me.

So after the coffee was made I went out with a towel and dried everything off and brought out my poptart and coffee (this is my personal Lord's Supper, I eat of the bread and drink of the cup as I come together with my Jesus, my Father, and my Holy Spirit).
I open up my Bible and begin reading in Psalm 22 and then Mark 15 and then to Isaiah 53, of course I am crying by the time I get to Mark 15 and well as I finish reading Isaiah 53 I look up and before my eyes is the most glorious storm cloud pattern. It absolutely took my breath away.

So I began to sing Majesty...

Thank you Ryan Wade for singing this song last night, I love having this song on my heart...

So well, those glorious storm clouds blew in another storm which sent me fleeing my sacred spot and back in the house to save my Bible and notebooks and laptop... but oh the few minutes I had in my sacred spot were wonderful! I praise my God and am so thankful that He is not bound by time and I don't have to be either. There is no time limit on a life of praise. It is in all things, in all places, in all times, for all eternity.

May you spend today singing Majesty... Majesty... Your grace as found me just as I am, empty handed but alive in Your hands...    


  1. Sounds like a breathtaking spot and time with God!! Thanks for sharing your Sacred Spot with us. God is truly alive in your writings!

  2. Wonderful song and wonderful scriptures. It sounds like we have similar spots outside that I too have to abandon during the winter months :(

  3. Cornelio it is a breathtaking spot... but only because it is where I am still before my God and before His Word :-)
    Thank you for being willing to share your time with me as well! Be blessed in Christ

  4. Jennifer, Isn't it sad when we lose that spot... it's a good thing that it's the presence of God that makes a spot sacred and not the spot itself :-)