Saturday, August 6, 2011

It's a Pj's to Pj's Day

I had every intentions of hitting the ground running this morning.
Plans were to wake up and meet my Maker for coffee out in the sacred spot and spend some time with Him and let Him walk me through putting together the rest of my lessons for this Sunday.

I have three to teach in the morning.
However God was good to set me up just right. Imagine that?

I currently am taking our young singles class through the book of Luke. We are in Luke 3, ready to begin with verse 18. I also accepted a request to lead our children's CrossGuard worship this coming Sunday and it just so happens that the lesson was based on Luke 4:1-13... which coincides right with my lesson for the young singles.

Whew, God saved me from overload... but I still had to seek Him in making these two separate lessons able to reach both age groups... of course I do get lots of practice with my own two little ones :-)

I also had to finish putting together my lesson for the Isaiah precept class on Isaiah 51-53...

So the plan was quiet time, study time, get ready and go time.

Well, I made it to quiet time, study time, then my little one finally came out the door to say good morning... or well, good mid-morning. I came into the house to fix her some breakfast and saw that it was way past the get ready and go time. I was never going to make it to the diaper shower...

So I chose to go back and do some more study time.

It's just me, my youngest, and the dog today... and well I sit here now and it's almost 3pm and I am indeed still in my pj's and so is my youngest. Why dirty up more laundry just to be at home? There are days that we should be able to go from pj's to pj's (and it not be from the flu) with no guilt at all.

I choose for today to be one of those days.

It's just been a day that we, that I, have chosen to rest. It was not my intent when I planned this day, but I think God knew I would need this day of not having to be somewhere.

So we have gone from breakfast to lunch in our pj's and we curled up on the couch and watched some Turning Point with David Jeremiah where his message was on legalism vs liberty.
He shared how legalism is absent of joy and replaces it with fear that we won't do enough or with arrogance that we have already done enough or with failure that we have made a mistake.  

So I felt this was a good sign that today was good day to practice my freedom in Christ and rest in His joy that is mine in the liberty that He has given me and just spend the day in my pj's. As a matter of fact, the afternoon coffee just dinged the ready signal. I'm going to go pour me a cup and go pile back up on the couch with my baby girl :-)

I've posted the link to the message by David Jeremiah below:

The Hardening of the Oughteries



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