Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Poem Inspired From the Study of Isaiah 40-53

I wrote this poem this morning during my quiet time with my God. It's a poem of praise and worship inspired from the truths that God gives us in His Word in the book of Isaiah... may you praise Him with me :-)

My God I am here, my body still before You now
Still my heart and open my mind to the whisper of Your voice
Let the truth of Your word saturate my soul
Awake my ear this morning
Open my eyes so that You I behold
Allow me to bask in the beauty of Your word
Let me know, let me feel, the weight of your glory
Teach me Your ways oh my God
Lead me in the way that I should go
May Your word alone light the way of my path
Your will alone be the push behind each of my steps
I rest in You, in Your glorious hope
I am quietly strengthened by what of You I know
Grow me, my God, in Your mercy and grace
Refine me as silver until in me You see the reflection of Your precious Son's face

I am here to be still before You my God
I will wait through the trial, temptations, whatever it takes
I'll pass through Your fire so all this dross might be burned away
Righteousness and holiness is what You require
Repentance and belief is what You desire
You are the One who forms light and causes well things
And You are the One who creates calamity and darkness to open eyes that refuse to see
Though I was stubborn-minded and far from Your grace
You brought near to me Your righteousness and Your salvation did not delay
You told me that you loved me and that I was precious in Your sight
You reminded me that I was not forgotten and You were my God
Surrender is what You asked for, just to fall in Your arms
You promised You would carry me however long no matter how far
Oh yes You are God, the Lord of hosts is Your name
No other is like You and those who trust in You will not be put to shame
Your salvation is forever, from everlasting to everlasting in You I am saved
It is You alone who wipes out my sin and transgressions for Your gloroious name's sake

I am part of the people that You formed for Yourself
I cannot sit silent and set my life on the world's shelf
You formed me my God to declare Your praise
You saved me my God to carry Your name
You command me my God to go out and proclaim
My voice it is calling "Clear out! For the Lord, clear the way!"
I lift up my voice mightily and Your good news I shout
I point to Yeshua and say "Here is your God!
The Savior, your Redeemer, please do not doubt!"
He was despised and forsaken and hated by men
He was pierced for our transgressions, crushed for our sin
The cup of wrath that is ours He willingly drank
So that by the sacrifice of Himself we might be eternally saved
Oh How great the Father's love is for us
I praise You my Jesus and in You I do trust
My God I am Your watchman and I lift up my voice
I joyfully shout and expectantly wait,
I announce Your salvation,
Oh bring Your good news with these feet!
Let me proclaim and declare and shout
The Lord has bared His holy arm in the sight of all nations
That the salvation of God all the ends of the earth may see.
So come, come now, to His springs of living water, come now and drink


  1. Wow that is beautiful, Thanks for Sharing the heart of God!! Found your blog on faithful bloggers, I am a new blogger for the Lord! Now following yours!!

    The Fire Never Goes Out!!

  2. So glad that it was a blessing to you! And thanks for following :-)

    Many blessings in Christ to you!